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What Is the Difference Between Real Leather And Faux Leather

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Well, given that we are advanced enough to make great replicas of leather, it is hard to clearly differentiate between real leather and faux leather. One main difference could be the price factor as real leather would always be expensive than faux leather. Searching ‘upholstery services near me’ and going to one will also help you to choose from real or faux leather for reupholstery of your furniture.

What Is Faux Leather?

Faux leather, also known as “leatherette” or “vegan”, is made from a plastic base that is chemically treated with dye, wax, or polyurethane.

It is made to mimic real leather incredibly well and that also at a lower cost than real leather. An advantage that faux leather is that, given its artificial nature, it is water-resistant. So, you can easily clean and maintain it and dye it any color.

There are many types of faux leather and the best ones may be harder to differentiate between real and faux leather. Ultimately, real leather is better. However, as the cost of faux leather is less, it is also popular among those looking for budget-friendly alternatives. 

With the help of some techniques, you can identify faux leather.

Techniques for Spotting Faux Leather

Looking at the edge of the material, you can find the difference. Faux leather products have perfect edges whereas the real leather has rough edges. Smelling the object enable you to recognize real leather as it has a distinct smell. Before purchasing anything, just read the label attached to it. The product will not be of real leather if the label says” man-made material”. Faux leather is more stretchable and softer than real. Moreover, real leather can be smooth, of course. The pores on the leather can also help you identify it correctly. Faux leather has pores in a consistent pattern whereas authentic leather has inconsistent pores. 

Benefits of Faux Leather

Faux leather is economic and much more affordable and has the feel of real leather. You can easily clean it with warm water or with a piece of fabric. People prefer this as it saves animals for getting material. Moreover, faux leather is vinyl and hence waterproof. Consult the ‘furniture upholstery repair near me’ to rejuvenate your old furniture with faux or real leather.

What Is Real Leather?

Real leather is made from organic materials. Animals such as sheep, pigs, and goat are the big source of getting real leather. There are many distinctions of leather with different types of finishes. Some appearances provide better protection against daily wear, however, when choosing the leather, consider the preferred appearance.

Recognizing Real Leather

Semi-Aniline leather is only slightly pigmented or clear finish. The natural leather grain and the hair pores are open by the pigmentation. This thing is the cause of its durability. Then there is top grain leather, which is the most common type of leather. It is covered with pigments that give the leather top color. Top grain leather is mostly used in auto upholstery and in furniture. Aniline leather is most natural looking leather. It does not have a pigment-based surface and is considered high-grade leather. This type of leather feels soft, natural and warm to touch.

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