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Top 8 Security Apps For iPhone

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There are dozens of security apps for iPhone but all are not worth the praise. Here we have listed some of the best and free iPhone security apps everyone should try on their devices. 

1. Lockout

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your iPhone security, this app will be helpful. Many people are worried about a virus, while others are concerned about Wi-Fi security and such other issues. This app has all the features and makes a great security app for iPhone and other iOS devices.

2. Norton Mobile

This iOS security app is really helpful when it comes to protecting your devices. If you are concerned about phone theft or other security issues, this app will serve the purpose in the best manner. It is compatible with all latest iOS versions and has a simple interface. Just after downloading the app, you can make your phone secure and safer.

3. Wickr

Though iPhones come with built-in security features many people want extra security in order to avoid theft, data leakage, privacy and secrecy of important information. Wickr is an app that encrypts all of your messages, whether text or iMessage. It is compatible with all iOS later than 6 and has been one of the best security apps for iPhone and iOS devices.

4. Avira Vault

This is one of the best apps everyone should have on their iPhone. Though you can remotely delete messages, passwords, credit card information and other details remotely from a stolen iPhone that is hectic. This app serves all these purposes and by just using the desktop version of the app you can protect your data and information easily. You can buy your new iPhone month to month and start using it without worrying about security.

5. Duo Mobile

This free app is useful for iPhone users who want to have improved security on their devices. The app lets you keep your passwords, login items, passcodes and other information protected with the two-factor authentication method. It is also compatible with Apple Watches. So you can keep all your passwords and information safe with this app.

6. mSecure

This app is very similar to 1PasswordLock in functions, features, and interface. mSecure is one of the safest free apps for iPhone users who want to encrypt their data, messages and protect passwords, passcodes and another log in items. It also keeps the credit card details and credentials safe and protected.

7. Signal

This app is just more than a security app. There are not enough apps that allow messages, conversations, sending files and media, pictures, group chats, and calls too. Signal allows all these actions and keeps the data and information protected and encrypted. Moreover, the messages, calls, and files are not saved in the server. So you have a secure app for chats and messages.

8. Find My iPhone

This is a built-in app in all iPhone and iOS devices. With this app, you can locate your stolen iPhone device. All you need is to sign into iCloud, turn on Find My iPhone and it will keep your phone safe. You can use your Apple ID to locate any stolen iPhone if this feature is turned on the device.

Also, buying iPhone month to month is a great option as you don’t have to pay the whole amount for iPhone 5S unlimited data at once. Do check it out!

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