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Ford Everest vs Toyota Fortuner

Ford Everest Philippines

Here is a detailed comparison of Ford Everest Philippines and Toyota Fortuner.

Ford Everest


· Power: 147KW

· Torque: 470Nm

· 0-100km/h: 11.6 seconds

· Fuel Economy: 8.2 L /100km (11.1 tested)

· Service Plan: 5yr/ 100,000km

· Warranty: 4 year/ 120,000km

· Service Intervals: 20,000km


Ford Everest is one of the best and most popular vehicles from Ford side. The vehicle has a great design, amazing interior, powerful engines, is comfortable and secure and offers all the best and latest features needed in a modern-day car. It has a great fuel economy with splendid road performance. It truly competes with the best vehicles around including the Toyota Fortuner.

Exterior and Interior

Ford Everest Philippines has one of the coolest designs you will see in any vehicle these days. It resembles the Fortuner a lot when it comes to its design, shape and overall look. But the front side is a bit thicker than Fortuner, which has a slim bumper. When it comes to its interior, it is more like a luxury vehicle. The seats are really comfortable and bigger providing extreme comfort to the passengers. It is also furnished with all best and latest tech features and security systems. 

Performance and Power

A vehicle can only offer the best performance when it is powerful, comfortable and has amazing fuel economy. This is what Everest provides with its stunning performance. It even outperforms Fortuner when it comes to its performance, fuel economy, speed, control, comfortable to ride and safety to the passengers. 

Toyota Fortuner 


· Power: 130KW

· Torque: 450Nm

· 0-100km/h: 10.8 seconds

· Fuel Economy: 8.5 L /100km (10.9 tested)

· Service Plan: 5yr/ 90,000km

· Warranty: 3 year/ 100,000km

· Service Intervals: 10,000km


No other vehicle became so popular and that in a very short time than Fortuner. This vehicle impressed every person out there with its design, stylish look, luxury interior, and outstanding performance. This was the second car after Land Cruiser that is so powerful, massive and extremely stylish. The car is the best depiction of what modern cars should look like. From style to interior, the power to performance, comfort to safety – this vehicle is just outstanding. 

Exterior and Interior

We have talked about the exterior design of Ford Everest and Fortuner has a similar design. But it somehow differs than Everest from the front and rear side. The front side with bumper looks thinner than Everest’s and the rear ends are not very curvy, like Everest. This makes it have a great and completely new look with the addition of style. The interior also comes with the finest quality and is better than most of the luxury cars out there. 

Power and Performance

Just like Everest, Fortuner provides great comfort, awesome performance, and best security and safety features. The car has amazing fuel economy and has been one of the best-performing cars since it was launched. The power and performance with great comfort, safety, and fuel economy make Fortuner one of the hottest and most popular cars of the modern day. It has delivered up to the user expectations.

After reading this comparison article between these two cars, I hope you are able to decide which car is the perfect choice for your need. This is advised to read such comparison and review articles before you decide your dream car while buying a new car.

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