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What Are the Harmful Effects of Hoarding?

decluttering tips for hoarders

Dangers of hoarding, seems like a funny statement doesn’t it? You’d think how having two or three junk stuff can be dangerous. But Hoarding isn’t just two or three items that you can’t throw out, it’s a house full of junk that is never thrown out for one reason or other. Compulsive buying as in never turning away from a bargain or compulsive collecting of free stuff such as flyers and free newspaper or coupons can also be a factor of hoarding. These don’t get thrown out for the thought that they might come in handy one day. 

The most common factors of hoarding that can be dangerous are:

· Infestation

· Mold growth

· Tripping hazard

· Compiled clutter such as old newspapers can also be a fire initiator

What Causes Hoarding and The Harmful Effects

1. Hoarding is like any other mental disorder, but it’s dangerous on many levels and it’s hard to get rid of. Hoarding happens when objects are bought more than they are discarded. This causes a huge clutter that makes living hard because space keeps getting confined. Hoarding is a pathological failure. 

2. Reality television programs have raised a lot of awareness on the topic of hoarding and appliance hauling as well as the dangers of it. The people living with clutter can endanger people who help remove it. There are many dangers of living in mess like that. 

3. Mold that grown in the mess can be dangerous to people who have allergies. Since mold is almost always hidden under the various mess, it’s hard to locate until it’s too late.

4. Children of hoarders find it hard to become social. They become remote to the outside world as they never invite people over because they feel that their home will embarrass them or they are not allowed to invite people over because the parents are ashamed of the mess they have created and can’t let go of it.

5. Hoarding can be frustrating for the kids because kids need intimacy and you can’t have that hug on the couch with tons of things between you. Intimacy can happen in a mildly vacant spot, not in a room full of the mess that blocks pathways.

6. As hoarding creates a mess and clutter, it also takes up a lot of functional space. This is unhealthy as well as dangerous. It is important to look up decluttering tips for hoarders and de-junk your house.

7. Between partners, hoarding can be the cause of a lot of fights which can also lead up to divorce and losing child custody.

8. Clutter can be life threatening too. As the clutter grows, it can block airways, depleting oxygen and building up carbon dioxide. This isn’t noticed by the hoarder until it’s too late.

9. The potential clutter pile can grow huge and fall on the hoarder causing injury.

10. Hoarding is a ticking time bomb. There have been many cases of fires and firefighters died because of getting trapped in a sudden fire in a cluttered home. 

So, look up decluttering tips for hoarders and save yourself and the people you love!

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