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5 Best Travel Destinations For Australians

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Australians and traveling go hand in hand and no matter where you go you’ll find your fellow Aussies exploring the nature, soaking in the sun, or just shopping around. We know that you love traveling but you should know that there are some places in the world that are more worth-visiting as compared to others. 

Choosing a destination that is affordable, has a good exchange rate, and has cheap international flight deals too helps a lot. Also, the Australian dollar is stronger as compared to some other currencies and you can choose a destination accordingly. No matter where you go, the Telstra international roaming pack will accompany you so that making calls to your loved ones gets easier. So following are the best travel destinations for Australians:

1. Indonesia

Indonesia is among the top travel destinations for Australians as it is very beautiful and exotic. However, you must have a good amount of cash for the trip because your money cards will work only in the big cities like Bali and Jakarta. Recently the percentage of Australian visitors to this country has increased tremendously as many are attracted towards the scenic beauty of Bali. Indonesia has exciting towns, beautiful beaches, and stunning rainforests.

2. Russia

Recently, the Russian currency has fallen tremendously against the Aussie dollar. So, Russia is one of the cheapest holiday destinations for Australians because of the amazing exchange rate. You will enjoy visiting the St Petersburg’s Nevsky Prospect or taking a stroll at the Kremlin Palace. Also, the Telstra international call rates prepaid pack will allow you to communicate with your family and friends at a very good rate while you’re in Russia. 

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is also one of the most popular travel destinations for Australians. The place is famous for extreme sports like skiing and bungee jumping so if you’re a thrill seeker you’ll love to be there. New Zealand saw a big increase in the percentage of Aussie visitors this year and the trend is still increasing. New Zealand offers good value for the Australian dollar and the good thing is that it is easy to withdraw cash there too. 

4. USA

Though a visit to the USA can turn out to be expensive for the Australians, it will be worth it. There are many Australians who choose the USA as their top travel destination because of the fun and variety there. You can visit Grand Canyon and have yourself mesmerized or head to Hawaii to enjoy the scenic beauty there. The big cities such as Washington DC or New York are full of life and others such as Las Vegas and California will allow you to party hard. Also, the country is very credit-friendly and its currency is widely accepted anywhere in the world.

5. Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful country and it is full of exotic places. It has a very unique culture and the majestic sceneries will make your visit an amazing one. The good thing is that the place is very affordable for the Australians to visit as it offers a good exchange rate for the Aussie currency. You can spend your vacations enjoying on the beach, shopping, learning about the culture, eating the delicious local cuisine, and partying all the time.

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