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5 Best Products To Use On Hair Extensions

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It’s tedious and boring to see same old limp hair every day. Having bad hair day every other day is a mess too… well, there is a perfect escape to this problem.

Hair extensions – the ultimate way to get rid of bad, dry and thinning hair without even cutting them off. 

Put your extension piece in and you can easily disguise your hair into a most luscious mane ever. Extensions are artificial or real virgin hair attached to a thin material that is either clipped on or glued near the root of the real hair. It’s as easy as it sounds. These can be used in everyday routine as well.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Like every beauty treatment, there is a list of aftercare products to be used. Likewise, extensions come with a lot of aftercare instructions as well, to keep them shiny and healthy.

No matter what kind of extensions or what brand you use, they always come with their set off instructions, for example, the Russian Blond hair wholesale pieces, have a handsome list of aftercare products to be used. Extensions are the kind of investment you don’t want to go to waste so, here are some tops and list of products you will need to keep the extensions healthier and shinier

1. Dry Shampoo

Top of the list hair care product for extensions is the dry shampoo. After the extensions are glued in, you shouldn’t use harsh shampoo on your hair for at least 48 hours, but we do need clean hair, right?

Dry shampoo to the rescue. Dry shampoo helps to keep your hair clean as well as chemical free. The dry shampoo shouldn’t have paraben, chloride, and sulfate, along with that it should be talc free so that there isn’t any visible powdery substance left after its use. 

2. Heat Protective Spray

Extensions need as much care as the real hair would need, even more so. If you decide to style your hair with an iron machine or a curler or any other tool that will need heat, you should always put heat protective spray on your hair. That will coat your hair and reduce the effect of excess heat and maintain their shine as well. 

3. Leave in Conditioner

The adhesive that secures the extensions in place can wear off with over-washing. It can also fall off. This means less shampoo than usual for styling and such so, you should always use a leave-in conditioner that will help repair your hair easily.

4. Mild Gentle Shampoos

There are products specially made for extensions, like mild gentle shampoos, such that may come with hair extensions for curly hair. Shampooing your hair daily can lose the shine of the extensions, but using a mild shampoo on alternate days can help maintain the shine for a longer period of time.

5. Detangling Brush

The detangling brush is one more such product you should invest in if you want your extensions to have a longer life. Detangling brushes have wide gaps as well as longer bristles that keeps the hair breakage to the minimum hence keeping the extensions stringer for longer.

The above-listed care can help your extensions to make them shine for a longer period of time.

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