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How to Reuse Old Washers and Dryers

old washer or dryer

Everybody handles trash differently. Some people like to haul away their old appliances while some put their creative hat on and put their old washers and dryers, and other appliances to good use.

We know that a worn out, old loading washer is a complete treasure trove of parts. So, don’t just haul it away but put it to use by dissembling the machine. If you too are having old appliances in your home, it’s time to look at every component with a creative eye.

Here are the most suggested and smart ways to reuse the old appliances parts;

1. Make a Fire Pit

You can use the metal drum to build a camping fire pit or patio. You can place this metal drum on stones or firebricks to keep it slightly above the ground. 

The fire inside the pit will stay well contained while holding enough kindling and wood to create a warming fire. You can have some holes in the drum that would create a great airflow and will help to ignite and burn brightly and quickly. 

The drum is a very lightweight equipment to move it easily and to use it for emptying ashes. You can easily rinse it out and move away from the camping site.

2. Create a Container Garden Out of Your Old Washer and Dryer

You can use your appliance’s metal drum and make it your perfect container garden. All you need is to spray paint that drum and give it a look that you prefer for your yard or patio. If you think the drum is large in size, you can fill the entire bottom with packing peanuts and vermiculite to make it light enough to lift while adding potting soil. In case the drainage holes are already built-in, you can simply plant right away. 

3. Have a Seat

Simply add one plywood top and bottom and make a very study ottoman for the living room. Fill the plywood with some polyester batting and properly cover with leather or upholstery fabric. To give it a more industrial or modern look, you can cover the whole drum by using some appealing fabric.

How to Dispose of Old Appliances Safely?

It doesn’t matter where you live, it’s your responsibility as a citizen of the planet Earth to dispose of old stuff responsibly. And of course, that includes old appliances too. You can give your old washer or dryer to someone for use or simply recycle the scrap metal, either way, you can be sure that it is not ending up in a landfill flaking rust and leaking oils onto the ground.

For instance, you may offer it to your local charities if the appliance is in good and working condition. It would be a good riddance and still be a good help too.

If the appliance is not in the good condition to donate, you may call the state energy office or any local power and water company to know If they have any recycling program. So no matter how many old appliances you have, put them to good use in their second life smartly.

But if your appliances are not in a condition to reuse it and you are willing to recycle or dispose of them, then it’s wise to call for the service from the professional appliance removal services like microwave disposal NYC services.

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