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Is Microwave Bad for Health?

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When microwaves were first introduced to the market, people went ballistic. They literally flushed out any chance of cooking ever again in their kitchens standing over the hot stove for hours and hours thinking that now they could cook the most healthy and delicious food in a matter of minutes! I hate to break it to you but microwaves were never and will never be safe ever. So, let’s help you to digest this news with actual facts about the safety of microwaves:

1. Radiation Leakage

Have you ever wondered how is it possible that a rock-solid potato gets perfectly cooked in less than five minutes when cooked with a microwave? The amount of radiation that is generated inside a microwave is colossal which brings us to the part where it is unable to retain the radiation and eventually some of the radiation gets leaked. Your kitchen is not the safest place when you are running a microwave for cooking purpose and you might want to check the seal around your door which loosens due to the radiation. Get help from an appliance removal service to get rid of it.

2. Lack of Nutrients

The vegetables you buy from the store contain the maximum amount of nutrients but you eventually kill all of those nutrients by spinning it for about three minutes straight in an extremely monstrous machine. The radiation literally strips vegetables of their nutrients making it equal to nothing. So, consider how many nutrients you can avail by taking the huge step of old microwave disposal.

3. Waste of Breast Milk

The only nutritional diet for babies is the breast milk which contains all vitamins and nutrients a baby needs in order to be healthy. But did just put it in a microwave to warm it up? That is the most horrible thing you could do to the most natural milk ever! Warming it up on a stove or under hot tap water might just do the work.

4. Chemical Leakage

You might have come across those 3-minute frozen dinners and I’m pretty sure that would have been a pretty good experience since all you did was munch over food with plenty of chemicals which fell right off from the plastic container while you were waiting on the couch. Yes, that’s right! The chemicals leak from the container when it starts to heat up eventually making your food unhygienic and extremely unhealthy.

5. Show Some Self-Care

It is true that microwave can sometimes have an extremely adverse effect on your health due to excessive usage. If you are not such a healthy person, you should be the first one to dump that thing in the bin. People usually suffer heart pain followed by a disturbance in the heartbeats or nausea, dizziness even headaches. If you feel such conditions after having a succulent dinner cooked in a microwave, then immediately ditch it because nothing in this entire world could be worth more than your own health!

There are still some people who support old microwave disposal because they know the kind of damage that comes along with a microwave.

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