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3 Best Female Mountain Bikers

Giant mountain bikes
Giant mountain bikes
Mountain biking is a craze, and it has managed to grow its spark in also. Not just a spark but an ongoing fire. This thing has broken so many stereotypical comments, wrong perceptions and what now. Don’t you believe that a woman can do mountain biking? Don’t worry we have written this article only for you. Have a look at some of the top female mountain bikers in the world.

1. Rachel Atherton

Rachel Atherton doesn’t need an introduction as she is one of the finest professional racing cyclists who started cycling at the age of 8. She belongs to Britain and has embarked her name in the world of downhill mountain bike racing. She is well-versed in this domain due to her speed management skills and keen observation of surroundings. She started proper Mountain biking at the age of 11. Rachel used to have a bike team with her brother in childhood that was her first early spot. This girl made many titles and records but becoming the first woman to win 10 consecutive rounds in the World Cup gave her massive success as she broke the record of Anne-Caroline Chausson. She became popular when one of her videos got viral in October 2015 in which she overtook 91 participants in just 5 minutes. Isn’t that amazing?


Given the title of Sportswoman of the year 2 times by Sunday Times – 2005.

Given the title of Midlands Junior Sportswoman of the year by BBC – 2005 & 2008.

2. Catharine Pendrel

Catharine Pendrel belongs to Canada and is known for her cross-country mountain biking which is not an easy thing at all. One of the most-liked attributes of Catharine is that she never does cycling under stress as she manages to stay cool in all circumstances. Some people don’t know about her, that she was formerly a horse rider. Maybe this aspect has turned her into a calm and cool person. We have seen here crash moments in Rio Olympics, but this tigress managed to fight back and retain the third position. It is not an easy job to deal with Giant mountain bikes and face crashes but this girl has some extra spark.


World Champion in cross-country mountain biking – 2007, 2011 & 2014.

Won Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games champion – 2014.

World Cup Champion in UCI – 2010, 2012 & 2016.

Won Bronze Medal in Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro – 2016.

3. Cecile Ravanel

Cecile Ravanel is a beautiful and married French cyclist known for her extraordinary cross-country mountain biking skills. She is most—liked for her fastness and consistency. She is a fast-mover in her career as she moved towards Enduro and XCE 1 at a very young age when already she was getting championship titles. She has also made her way towards the downhill bike racing in 2017, and maybe in future, we can see there as well. Most of the experts love her fitness regime which helps her in being the fastest in spite of riding specialized mountain bikes Australia.


Junior Cross-Country World Champion – 1998.

Won Bronze Medal in two French championship titles – 2009.

Won Enduro World Series – 2016 & 2017.

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