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Common Water Softener Problems And Their Fixes

water softener parts near me
water softener parts near me
Over the course of time, a water softener may develop certain problems. Think about it, how awesome would it be if you could solve the issues yourself.

Let’s have a look at common problems and their fixes.

1. Salt Bridge

These are layers of salt which appear inside the brine tank. These layers pile up in the form of thick deposits and cause a decline in efficiency. 

To fix this problem, use sturdy as a broom handle. From this, you can get inside the tank and break the layers of deposited salt. 

2. Motor Issues

This machinery helps in increasing the efficiency of a water softener. Motor often gets crippled due to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes a power outage may cause it to fail while others include random restarting of water softening unit. Failure of the motor can cause the system to shut down and then it won’t process the hard water as it should.

If the motor appears to be faulty, check the cables. See that they are dry, intact and insulation has not ruptured. If the problem still exists, call a skilled technician.

3. Blockage Problems

These are one of the most common problems of water softeners. The reason is that minerals can accumulate inside the water softener, which leads to a blockage. These minerals form a lining and prevent the regular flow of water. 

In case of a blockage, try inspecting filter screens and brine lines since these are the most common blocked places. 

4. User Error Problems

These systems depend upon user input and when the user inserts a wrong value, these errors are obtained. 

In order to minimize this error, there is one golden rule. Don’t operate anything you don’t have 100% knowledge of. Read the instruction manual and watch helpful video tutorials regarding the different process of machines.

5. Brine Line Issue

A salt line exists inside the water softening system. It is one of many integral parts of the system and this part should be thoroughly investigated. The reason being the brine line is vulnerable to leaks. If brine line is taking damages, it will affect overall pressure of a water softening unit. 

To fix this problem, you need to flush the brine line and check both, filter screen as well as an injector. This will help you identify the root cause. Reading user manual is also recommended because it comprehensively covers the required pressure and temperature adjustment of water softener system. 

6. Resin Beads

These are used in salt based master flow water softeners. Mostly, they last as long as the lifetime of a water softening unit but they can break down.

This leads to their inefficient working. Another reason for their ill-working is floating particles inside the softened water. You can clean the resin as well as change it. Up to you! 

In any case, if you cannot understand the working of different parts of machinery, adopt the attitude of requiring help. ‘If I cannot understand the complex problem before me, I have to search water softener technicians and water softener parts near me.

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