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A Basic Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Buy a Water Softener

water softener hardness chart

When you are trying to calculate the water softener sizes for your household water filter usage with water softener chart; you run into a lot of charts (like water softener hardness chart) and technical details. But the fact is that these are complex, and you do not have time. So how do we decode them a bit and give you simple information that will be helpful?

Water Usage

An average household member uses 75 gallons or 284 liters of water in a day. Take this number and multiply it by the number of people in your house. The answer is the amount of water that you will need to get filtered through your water softener.

The Hardness of Water

You also need to take into account the hardness of your tap water. Every area gets its quality of water your water supply is different from your friends who live in other neighborhoods. You need to check the hardness of your tap water in grains per gallon (gpg). You can search the term water softener hardness chart to get a clear picture of it.


You will take the hardness rate of your water, multiply it with 7 to cover for the whole week and then multiply with a number of people in your house. You will take the final number and multiply it with 75 for a gallon and 284 for liter estimate. The resulting number is your raisin beads capacity.

Choosing the Water Softener

You will take the number of raisin beads that you have estimated and make sure that you select a water softener that can accommodate that amount of resin bead grains.

The Type of Water Softeners

There are two main kinds of water softeners, portable water softener, and dual tank water softeners. They are distinguished based on capacities as the portable one has smaller and dual tank water softener has much bigger capacities. But water softeners are also available in the market in non-standard capacities, and you can get the one closest to your needs without much problem. All the capacities are measured in the number of beads in tens of thousands that a water softener can accommodate.

A portable water softener has capacity in 15000 grains, and the dual tank water softener has capacity in 30,000 to 60,000 grains.

Life Span

The evaluation of a possible life expectancy of a water softener is done in the volume of water it has processed. Usually, a water softener will not trouble you for four to six months or 600,000 gallons of water. But this is a very tentative figure with factors such as quality of water, amount of water being processed and quality of the grains laying crucial role in the life expectancy of the water softener.

Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridges are usually only replaced once a year but if the water is being filtered strongly than the cartridge will wear off soon enough as well. It usually takes a hundred thousand gallons of water to get processed for the filter cartridge to wear off.

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