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Top 5 Myths Related to Leather Furniture

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When it comes to leather, there is a variety of things that can be made from it. You will see leather goods being sold and purchased everywhere around you, from apparel such as shoes and jackets to accessories such as wallets and handbags. Leather products are usually believed to be an acquired taste.

Leather has been used since historic times for different purposes and is still as largely popular as before. One of the uses of leather is in furniture. However, there are a number of myths related to leather furniture.

This article is going to list down some of the common myths people believe when it comes to leather furniture and equips you with hard facts so that next time you search upholstery services near me, you know what to expect and what not to.

Myth #1 - Leather furniture is for the rich

As mentioned earlier, leather products are more of an acquired taste. That being said, it is not necessary that only the rich can buy leather furniture or that it’s a thing of luxury. The fact is, it costs roughly the same as other types of furniture, but the return on investment is much more as it lasts longer than its other alternatives.

And if this is something you’re interested in but is out of your budget, you can always buy affordable leather furniture from upholstery repair shops.

Myth #2 - Leather furniture is hard to look after

It is not hard to look after leather furniture at all. In fact, it is much easier than caring for regular furniture. Upholstery repair shops are a great way to get the stain remover as well as patch up the wear and tear. As long as you’re not using regular cleaning solvents like soaps etc, your leather will not discolor.

Myth #3 - Markers help avoid discoloration

In the old times, housewives started using same colored markers to hide the discolored parts on leather furniture. This was and is a bad idea because the marker discolors differently from the leather and overtime does more damage to the appearance than good.

If your leather furniture is getting discolored, take it to a proper upholstery repair shop and get it fixed. 

Myth #4 - Hairspray is an effective stain remover

Many people for some reason believe that hairspray is an excellent solvent for removing stains from furniture. It is hard to say where this myth originated from, but it is - in fact clearly a myth. Hair sprays have high alcohol levels and can damage the leather furniture. 

If you have stains on your leather you can’t get rid off, please don’t risk using hairsprays and take them to a proper upholstery repair shop.

Myth #5 - Leather furniture is not comfortable

Most people tend to relate the discomfort of leather furniture with a false idea of leather upholstery changing its temperature with the season. However, this myth came from people who used leather seat coverings in their cars.

If you’re planning to buy leather furniture and want to get it to reupholster by any good ‘upholstery services near me’, be sure not to believe in these common myths and make an informed decision after discussing it well with your local upholstery repair shop.

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