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4 Things Australians Should Know When Visiting America

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Australia and the US, on a comparison, both are English speaking countries and seem likely with no significant difference in cultures. However, the reality is contradictive!

Maybe the cultural difference is not a big shock for you, but once you reach the big state, you experience a lot more than what you have seen in Hollywood movies and on television. 

Here are a few things that are found strange by Australians after moving to the US.

1. Transport in Los Angeles

As compared to the public transportation in Australia, Los Angeles, in particular, is in horrible condition. For instance, to preload a metro card it takes 48 hours until you see the money on your card. Moreover, the bus takes too long to cover two closely distant stations, and it makes no sense.

Talking about driving rules of the US, Australians got confused and scared on their first drive. They turn right on a red light as to keep the traffic moving. Also, in America, the left lane is used rather than the right one as in Australia.

It takes time to make turns right when you are an Australian and roaming on American roads! In such situations, you do miss your hometown. With Telstra Global Roaming, wherever you are, you can quickly send pictures, call on international numbers, use various apps and maps. Moreover, if you stay in the US for seven days and keep your cell phone working for three days, you will be charged as much as $30 only.

2. High-rated cafes and bars:

In Melbourne, genuine and authentic coffee lovers are found. Visiting the famed Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in the US and tasting the super sugary, large cups rather horrible coffee make Australians wonder about US coffee culture.

One of the most exciting things for Australians living in the US is the condiment galore. They are free and are offered in a heap in restaurants, in a wide range of variety. From sugar, mustard, mayo, and ketchup to soy sauce, Tapatio, sauce and even relish. 

3. Pharmacies Carry Liquor at Lowest Rates

Americans love to pay high taxes and buy alcohols, other drinks and liquor ate the lowest prices. It is weird for Australians of course and shocking to the full extent. Drinking bottles are more likely to be found anywhere around the corner and when will never get difficulty buying these products. 

The US loves drinking games, shots, power hour, beer Olympics (to get drunk to the fullest). They drink it now and then, and beers, they are only for enjoyment. With homework, with dinner, with lunch, for breakfast, casually, formally everywhere, they have a beer. It is typical for Americans, and indeed it is a part of their culture. 

4. Don’t overload your bags from hometown:

You might think that America is a huge country and it must be as expensive as its countryside is spread. However, no, everything here is super cheap! So, you don’t need to pack entire homes to live here, pack your necessities and shop here easily. Still, if you miss your hometown, Telstra international calls mobile helps you to connect with your loved ones at any instant!

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