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The Most Hated Cars Ever Made

New car buying

The world is so fast that it is hard to live with the modern day needs and facilities. Yet, many people manage to purchase the best facilities and enjoy all services. They have luxury vehicles, nicely built apartments and a lot of amenities around. When it comes to cars, people have different taste and options. Few like heavy vehicles while others prefer luxury imported cars. 

When it comes to cars, there are five to seven best brands operating now in the world. They are known for their best vehicles across the globe. But interestingly, these brands also launched such cars that hardly anyone liked to purchase and so they were termed as the most hated cars ever made. New car buying is a hectic task and we don’t want you to buy any such car so here is the list of all the cars nobody would prefer to buy.

1. Saturn Ion

2. Dodge Omni

3. Hummer H2

4. Isuzu Axiom

5. Kia Rio

6. Fiat Strada

7. Nissan Cube

8. Cadillac Cimarron

9. Smart Fortwo

10. Chevrolet HHR

11. Coda Electric Sedan

12. BMW X6

13. Ford Edsel

14. Ford Pinto

15. Toyota Tercel

16. Yugo

17. Jeep Compass

It’s hard to include details about all these cars so we will add a few of these with brief descriptions, history and why they failed when it comes to buy a new car.

1. Saturn Ion

This car by GM executives was predicted to last for a long time but it failed just because of its dull looks and a number of quality issues. Moreover, the speedometer position in the center console was wrong and it was believed to be stupid with such position of a speedometer.

2. Dodge Omni

Initially, the car was popular and many people purchased as well. But as people drove it and settled, they found a huge number of quality problems and the car was worst in terms of safety guards for the drivers and passengers. This way, Omni became one of the worst rated and most hated cars in the 1980s.

3. Hummer H2

Their fuel economy, space they take up, the insecurity their owners project, the list goes on are some of the reasons this monster failed badly. People believe they can pick any of these qualities so it was not loved as expected.

4. Kia Rio

This is so unpopular car that if you choose the cheapest rental cars anywhere, Kia Rio will appear on top. The reasons are they very dangerous and no one can drive it more than a few days. The company has not improved it at all over the years and it remained the same. 

5. BMW X6

BMW is a symbol of status and people love buying the luxury vehicles. But the X6 was a disaster. The company offered an SUV design in 2017 in a luxury car and it was not something people really expected. The car ultimately failed badly and was stopped. 

6. Jeep Compass

The car looks nice but the 2016 consumer survey slammed Compass and it was rated the worst in terms of reliability and user satisfaction. People called this the worst car and it was thus listed in the most hated cars of the modern-day age.

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