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Top 4 Myths and Facts About Qigong

Long distance healing

Qigong goes a long way in benefiting humanity by developing inner tranquility and managing stress, depression, morbid thoughts, and general confusion. As much as qigong is prominent in the domain of self healing meditation, there are many misconceptions that even the most experienced yogis assume to be true. 

Take a look at the top myths and facts about qigong given below, verified by healers who excel in long distance healing.

Number One

Myth: Qigong gives you paranormal powers

The scope of qigong remains limitless and thus many people are led to the belief that once excelled in qigong, they will be in possession of psychedelic abilities to float things around in the air with their minds. 

Fact: It establishes a balance between energies

The practice will help you channel your energy into positivity and maintain a balance between forces inside of you. There is always room for improvement in qigong, however, one you feel you have reached the benchmark where you think you can finally become a qigong guru, you will only be able to unblock your energy. You will be able to establish a continuous flow of the energies for improved and integrated mind-body healing.

Number Two

Myth: Qigong is a religion

The 3000-year-old practice places its origins in Eastern Asia region. Naturally, the western population is led to the belief that this practice still holds a major importance in Asia, and it is very sacred to them. A lot of people believe qigong is associated with a particular belief or even some sort of cult.

Fact: Religion, race, ethnicity, nationality etc. play no role at all in this practice. 

Sure enough, due to its origins place in eastern Asia, the best spiritual healers and gurus are found there, however, there's absolutely no reason why a certain person from another ethnicity can excel in is harmonizing the energy flow.

Number Three

Myth: Qigong is a treatment for the incurable diseases

There is no denying of the fact that qigong is a very effective treatment, which provides relief and prevention from chronic illness.

Fact: Qigong is not a magic potion

It is wrong to expect too much of qigong. It is not a magic potion and therefore cannot cure all the diseases that may be fatal. Through long distance healing, one can control the disease from spreading while harmonizing energy that flows through all life forms

Number 4

Myth: There is no scientific evidence to the benefits of qigong

Qigong is a practice that is widely acknowledged by people to access them for mental clarity. Long distance healing often holds little value to people considering their faith in qigong is simply not strong enough. Science proves that the practice of qigong not only mentally strengthens you but physically too, at measureless scale.

Fact: Qigong is a practice of self-healing

Alongside providing mental clarity qigong regulates, strengthens and balances the energy of your mind and soul, enhancing your ability to detect subtle nuances and to perceive the world and its patterns at ever-increasing levels of complexity.

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