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8 Great Places To Live In Florida

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Are you planning to move to Florida? It’s known as the sunshine state for no reason. It has 20 major metropolitan areas and there is no shortage of choices if you want to relocate. There is something for everyone in this state and you call for Junk removal Florida anytime. 

Have a look at the 8 best to live in Florida: 

1. Naples 

The crime rate in Naples is low and there are plenty of job opportunities available. Even though it’s a small town, you will feel like you are enjoying the amenities of a big city. Plus, there are lots of things to do here and plenty of restaurants to enjoy good food. 

2. Winter Springs 

It’s a suburb in Orlando that has access to many of its amenities. If you don’t like tourist traffic and you are ok with living in a small town, it’s the perfect place to be. The crime rate here is low so you can expect to live stress-free. 

3. Palm Beach 

It’s famous for its real estate and lovely beaches. People in Palm Beach enjoy a higher household income as compared to other states. The crime rate here is low. It’s a bit pricey when it comes to food and clothing so you might want to consider your finances before moving. You can easily fit in here. The county itself is laid back. You will enjoy tropical weather throughout the year.

4. Vero Beach 

It is known as America’s best small towns. It is full of beaches, golf courses, and tennis courts. The nightlife is amazing too. The median income in Vero Beach is $38,000.

5. Dunedin 

If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable place, no place is better than Dunedin. You can easily find a home under $200,000. This place is full of joy, you will see a festival happening almost every week. It’s also known as the walker’s paradise since it is home to walking and bike trails.

6. St. Augustine 

It is one of the oldest cities in the USA and no wonder why the residents take great pride in its history. Visit it is downtown and you will be amazed by its cultural spots. The city is also home to a number of beautiful beaches. It would be great to move with your family here since it has top-rated schools too. It’s easy to find junk removal WestPalm Beach FL whenever you have plans of moving in.

7. Islamorada 

You will enjoy an island-like atmosphere here. If you want an escape from the city life, there is no better place than Islamorada. Entertainment opportunities here are endless, especially for the water lovers. The only downside is it doesn’t have many great restaurants. You will have to live on local food.

8. Fort Lauderdale 

If you don’t mind living on the water, Fort Lauderdale is for you. 40,000 of its residents live on yachts and boats. It’s also a great place for artists. Housing here is expensive so it might be everyone’s gateway.

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