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8 Right-On Cycling Hacks

Giant bikes

Almost all the cyclists know the basics of cycling but not all of them know cycling hacks. 

Want to know them? Read ahead.

1. Using Frozen Water

If you take ordinary water in water carrier of Giant bikes, it will get warm when you drink it. Try using frozen water because, by the time you start getting tired and do a little rest, the frozen bottle will melt into cold water.

2. Carrying Duct Tape

This is one solution to many problems. When riding a bike, you will often fall, receive small wounds and get bruised. For temporary relief, you can use duct tape to seal the wounds. These tapes can also help you secure your torn clothes.

Also, to make your water bottles stick with bottle snugger, try supporting the base wall with a little bit of duct tape.

3. Using Specialized or Giant Bikes

The company ‘Giant bikes’ is the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. There is a reason they have scaled so much and people love them. Their bikes are reasonable and they make bikes for everyone i.e. poor, middle-class and rich.

Scout through numerous color varieties of Giant bicycles and ride like a pro.

4. Getting A Sunscreen

A lot of people carry a sunscreen but there is a small hack related to it. Do not apply anything above your eyes.

This is because as you cycle, sweat will form on your forehead and it easily enters the eyes. If you have applied sunscreen and it starts trickling down your eyes mixed with sweat, you will feel as if tear shampoo has entered your eyes.

5. Saddle Height Marker

If you are young, you will grow taller so expect to change the saddle height a few times. However, a more organized approach is to make a mark on saddle height you think is most comfortable.

In this way, you will save valuable time and quickly make the seat reach your preferred height.

6. De Stinking Your Shoes

This is one of the lesser desired side products of a good ride. Although, you are feeling great people near your vicinity certainly won’t feel well when you remove your shoes.

To take care of this problem, stuff some paper in your shoes by removing the insoles. Take the paper from old newspapers and phone books. Paper will retain all the moisture.

Another technique is to make a small packet of baking soda and put it inside your shoes after you have taken the ride. After a few hours, the baking soda will absorb all the stench.

7. Dampening Road Vibrations

To gain more control over your cycle, wrap the cycling handlebars with an old inner tube. Remove the stem part and cut the tube to appropriate length. Then wrap it around the handlebars with help of a duct tape. 

You will not only utilize your old inner tubes but also reduce the vibration of your hands.

8. Using A Ziploc Bag

When you cycle, your hands can get sweaty and this will spoil your touchscreen. Get a Ziploc bag and put your phone, cards, and cash in it. Aside from sweat, you will also keep your things safe from rain.

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