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7 Things You Don’t Know About Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza diesel
Toyota Avanza diesel
Toyota Avanza is one of the best MPVs in the market right now. When the car was launched, the world believed in the talent of Toyota and it turned out to be far vehicle better than the people expected. Toyota launches multiple variants like Toyota Avanza diesel, and for petrol. It has faced a great and very tough competition in the MPV market. And it became one of the best choices for the people who plan to buy new cars.

We know most of the car manufacturing brands are now working on different vehicles in order to compete with the famous brands like Toyota and others. Suzuki Ertiga and the Honda Mobilio proved the best rivals of Toyota Avanza diesel. It might not a best-selling car but it has sold more units than most of the other MPVs of other brands. 

Let’s check some of the interesting and lesser-known facts about Toyota Avanza diesel. Many facts are very surprising and are not known to most of the people around. 

1. Toyota Avanza is the best and most budget-friendly MPV in the Philippines. It is ranked higher than most of the other MPVs and its competitors. The reason is the low price of the vehicle with more features and better performance. 

2. According to the automotive industry and automobile design experts, this is the best design of any MPV. There are many other MPVs too in the market but none comes close to Avanza when it comes to its beautiful design. Furthermore, the car is a better option in all manners with respect to its great specs, unique features and improved performance.

3. Toyota claimed it will be the best engine MPV ever. This claim seems to be true as according to the buyers and drivers, Avanza’s engine works very smoothly without giving any jolts on long rides. This issue was noticed in many other MPVs of other brands but Toyota did work on this issue and fixed it beforehand. It is even called the small Innova for its design and performance.

4. You will be surprised to find out that Toyota Avanza has a huge fuel tank. It’s slimmer and shorter than the Mobilio but features a massive and bigger fuel tank. For this reason, Avanza is the coolest MPV that provides enough fuel for long rides and when you are traveling regularly. 

5. You might have heard about the Veloz vehicle. It was introduced by Toyota which was another variant of this Avanza. It was a sportier model with better specs, more features, cool and stylish design and impressed the buyer as well.

6. The drivers who test drove this MPV on various roads with varying conditions concluded that this MPV offers the best speed and maximum comfort when you are driving it on city roads. But when it comes to a highway, you may face the shortcomings of aerodynamics. 

7. As said, this is not the best-selling car the company has produced. But it managed to sell more units than most of the other MPVs and it’s believed the best MPV in this range of price, specs and features. In 2017, it sold more units than Corolla C-Segment sedan.

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