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7 Great Books on Mountain Biking

specialized mountain bikes Australia
specialized mountain bikes Australia
Getting Specialized mountain bikes in Australia is important but it is also equally important to know some great books on mountain biking.

The authors of these books have written secrets about controlling bikes on rough terrains and tips to become a better cyclist. Check out the following 7 awe-inspiring books on mountain biking:

1. Trail Magic and the Art of Soft Pedaling

A lot of people are stuck inside their office and they dream about living a daring life. The good thing is that cycling is a daring activity but most people don’t know where to start.

Paul Howard took the initiative of coming out of his cubicle, participated in the ‘Tour Divide’ and wrote a book about how you too can become a daring cyclist.

2. Dividing the Great

Included in National Geographic’s list of top 50 most amazing places of planet Earth, ‘The Great Divide’ is the longest unbroken mountain bike route of the world.

This book is about two friends who started their ride on ‘The Great Divide’. The book talks about humor and friendship and how human capabilities were tested when the ride got rough!

3. Mountain Bike: A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique

Written by William Nealy, the book belongs to the genre of ‘classic humor’.

It explains the lifelong experiences of a cyclist in terms of simple yet artistic illustrations. You can use this book to develop the passion for cycling among your children.

4. Mountain Biking Skills Manual: Step-By-Step Guidance from the Experts

Most people want to start riding a bike but they don’t know the first step. This book is written by expert cyclists and vows to clear all misconceptions among people who believe in cycling stereotypes.

It is a goldmine for beginners as the book focuses on the development of crucial bike riding skills on all types of terrains. Photographs of riding are also available for crystal clear conceptual learning.

5. Learn Mountain Biking In a Weekend

This book is designed to teach more in a lesser timeframe. The book talks about basic mountain biking and focuses on quick learning. 

Like the name suggests, you can learn cycling in a week if you read this book. The colorful illustrations are an attraction for both, kids and adults alike! Safety tips are also mentioned inside the book.

6. A Woman’s Guide to Mountain Biking: A Beginners Guide Written by Women for Women

Written by Barbara Border, the book focuses on the female body and how, as a woman, you can ride a bike. Generally speaking, women are largely overlooked when it comes to riding a bike.

This book proves that like men, women too can easily ride a bike.

7. Mountain Biking: A Beginner’s Guide

Everyone knows that specialized mountain bikes Australia require certain skills to handle. These bikes are very reliable and a great source of fun but to master them, you need to know about cycling basics.

This book is written by a cyclist and a doctor, Dr. Achim Schmidt and he focuses upon basics and how you can have a safe bike trip without hurting yourself. This book is recommended for all age groups.

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