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Junk Removal Cost Roundup

how much does it cost for junk removal
how much does it cost for junk removal
You must have pondered upon the question of how much does it cost for junk removal? The average price is $165-$225. But it depends upon which type of junk you are throwing out and which junk removal service you are going to use. Different junk removal services will cost you differently. 

If you feel like there is too much stuff in your house that you do not need, do not hesitate to throw it out. This is the biggest problem that people cannot decide if they want to keep the stuff or throw it out. If your house is congested, you need to clear some spaces out. Do not worry about ‘how much does it cost for junk removal’. Just make up your mind first and then hire someone within your budget range to take out the junk from your house. 

How Much Will It Cost You?

It depends upon the size and amount of the junk you are going to throw out. Many junk removal services will ask you to send photos of the junk. Some will even send a person to estimate the junk. After the careful estimate by the junk removal service, they will tell you the cost of taking out your trash. If your junk consists of heavy furniture or something which will occupy more space, the cost will be higher. 

1. The heavy concrete waste can cost you around $95 per cubic yard. It is because this type of junk is not easy to take out and transport to another place.

2. But if your junk consists of tree wastes or yard debris, you will have to pay around $18 per cubic yard. This is an estimated price, which can differ if you choose a slightly expensive service. 

3. However, the home goods and trash that you have taken out of your house will cost you around $22 per cubic yard. Again, the amount of junk and the weight of it can change the price. 

There are companies which charge their fee according to the size of their dumping trailer. If they have provided a 14-foot dump trailer, you can throw anything in it, and the company will charge the fee according to the size of the trailer. It will not matter if your waste has occupied half of it, or full, the charges will be the same. 

There are other things which can alter the charges of junk removal services NYC.

1. The type of truck used in junk removal can also alter the price. If the truck is bigger, the price will be higher. 

2. The presence of stairs can increase the price. Because they make it harder to move waste. It can add an additional $50. 

3. Hazardous waste can also cost more because it requires additional care. Not all junk removal services will agree on handling hazardous waste. 

4. Some companies have set rates for different things. For example, mattresses ($25), refrigerators ($30), sofa sets ($50), etc. 

5. Paint removal also has a sperate price. If the paint is not dried, you can dry it yourself or you can ask the junk removal service to do so. Obviously, it will cost more.

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