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8 Tip And Tricks For Curly Hair Extensions

Russian curly hair extensions
Russian curly hair extensions
Curly hair is difficult to manage both in natural form and in extensions. If you have Russian curly hair extensions, your lack of extra care might decrease the life of them. While they give you a trendy and voluminous look, they might also weigh you down. With the right care and maintenance, you can ensure the health of your curly extensions. Here are some tips and tricks which will help you take care of your curly extensions:

1. Easy on The Conditioning

Just beware of using too much conditioner. While conditioning your hair adds shine and glossy look to your natural hair, curly extensions do not work the same way. Follow the idea of ‘less is more’ and use a lesser amount of conditioner. Otherwise, it will be difficult to wash away the conditioner completely and it will remain in your extensions. Use less of it if you want your Russian curly hair extensions to last longer. 

2. Take Gentle Showers

Wash your extensions gently. Extensions also need to be washed, but not as frequent as natural hair. Avoid very frequent showers with your extensions. Use bathing products gently on your extensions to avoid the curls to become loose. 

3. Avoid Heating Them

Avoid blow drying curly extensions. Always go for naturally drying them, as advised by professionals. You should use heating products very less often. For example, use a straightener every once in a while. Same is the case with a blow dryer. Because it will eventually damage the curls and make them frizzy. 

4. Always Use Serums

If you want to retain the shine of your Russian curly hair extensions, use water-based serums. It will help retain the glossy look. Use it before blow drying them or before using heat styling tools. 

5. Using the Right Products

Be sure to use the right products which are best for your curly extensions. Do no use serums or products which are alcohol-based. It will dry out your hair and make them frizzy. Moisturize your curls with coconut oil, but do not use more of it. Remember, less is more. You can use natural products as well which contain shea butter. 

6. Using the Right Tools

Never use a brush with bristles. It will only loosen the curls and even break away the strands. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair. Start with the ends and gradually go to the top of your hair to detangle. 

7. No Extra Combing

Avoid combing your hair too frequently. It will make them frizzy. And if you have severely tangled hair, use your fingers to detangle them. In this way, you can minimize the damage to the strands. You can retain the curls by finger combing them. 

8. Tie Them Up

Before sleeping, be sure to braid your hair or tie them in a ponytail. It will make your Brazilian weft hair extensions safe when you are asleep. When your hair come in contact with your pillow, it creates friction which eventually creates frizz. So, if you wear a silk scarf on your head, you can control the frizz in your hair.

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