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9 House Cleaning Tips That Will Save You A Lot Of Time

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It is stressful to remove junk, all by yourself. Why not hire a junk removal team and let it have a go at your mess? It would be affordable and give it’s full on the job. Hiring a junk removal Durham company that fits your needs would be the right thing.

Having said that, let’s get on house cleaning tips that will save you time.

1. Extra Materials Help

It never hurts to get extra toilet paper. Similarly, have extra sets of bedsheets, pillow covers in case of emergency.

Stains and dirt can come anytime and you won’t have time to clean anything ASAP, every time. So have a backup. 

2. Exhaust Fans

Use canned air (blower) to pump away the dirt from exhaust fans. As you begin pumping air, you notice that dust bunnies are falling off the fan. Place a towel on the floor to collect them.

You can dust away from the dirt in the trashcan afterward!

3. Vents

A sharp object such as a knife and a rag can do the trick around vents. Just don’t hurt yourself or the equipment.

Junk removal Durham companies suggest that you should cover the rag around the knife and then, clean your way.

4. Cheese Grater

We are getting to the hard equipment. Don’t worry, use a potato to clean a cheese grater. The hard covering of potato should remove the stuck up cheese from miniature grates. 

Afterward, you can easily rinse off the cheese grater. 

5. Steel Appliances

Furniture polish can help clean the steel appliances. Firstly, clean off any grime first and then spray the polish.

6. Coffee Grinder

For the blade grinder, use a dry/stale bread and use uncooked rice to absorb the coffee smell. For burr grinders, bread may not work but dried rice will surely do.

Do check out the warranty conditions of your grinder before cleaning as some companies clearly mention that warranty will void upon clearing coffee grinders with rice.

7. Windows

Don’t go gaga with overpriced window cleaning products. Simply, add 100ml vinegar in four liters of warm water into the bucket, along with 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid. Stir it well and start cleaning the windows.

If you are going to clean a lot of windows, take a squeegee mop and apply the mixture, straight from the bucket. Pour the mixture into plastic spray bottles for future use.

8. Using Your Own Clothes as Wipes

Save your money by using own clothes as wipes. You can tear the clothes to make distinct clothes and then, spray them with a suitable cleaner and wipe away the dirty surface.

After the cleaning operation, select ‘hot wash’ to clean the germs.

9. Curtains

Dust off your curtains regularly. You don’t even need to get them down. Simply, run a vacuum cleaner over them and apply a little dusting brush, here and there.

The main thing is to avoid letting the vacuum suck the curtain fabric. With regular dusting, you can avoid the cost of washing the curtains.

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