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All About Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift price in Philippines
Suzuki Swift Sports
This new Swift achieves a turbo because good things are always available in the small package. It is a little cracker with kerb weight, hatchback with the rev-happy engine and many more. This 3rd generation Swift Sports car is now available in turbocharged. The Suzuki Swift price in the Philippines is P220000.

Are you fond of racing? Putting roads on sparks with fast driving is a great fun. Take on Suzuki Swift sport and satisfy your obsession with racing. It is a convertible car best for every type of season. It offered unique features and engineered in a world-class way. So enhance your appeal and desirability with a new dimension of the car. The new swift, a practically designed car is a great option for you.


The new Swift has made its way in the market which an extraordinary claim that SUV car contains dynamic features. It looks like an expensive car and is very practical to drive. It surely will grab the attention because of its style and behavior. The car surely provides precious rivals and is titled as a class leader car. In the market, Suzuki Swift price the Philippines are different for used cars.

First Impression

It gets the funky appearance of the car to add its unique sporting flair. Its contrasting faux-carbon fiber striking, dual exhausting pipes, amazing front bumper and many more are the reason for its good looks. The seventeen inches alloys fill the arch forms for the sharp supermini. In the shade of yellow, this car offers a vibrant feel. You can choose your favorite color from the other five.


Like the other vehicles the Swift, have carved their place in the automobile industry. Similarly, the seeds of Swift Sports car were also somewhere in the middle of the way. The luxury comfortable and convertible car is the mass production concept.

Engine and Mileage

The US customers will get a four-cylinder engine with 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol with a horsepower of 240 and facilitated 250 torque. The top speed has been recorded at 130 mph, and the car will reach 62mph in 8.6 seconds which makes it bit slower than some standard cars.


The swift is an exceptional design car which provides muscular body, striking lines accompanied by the tapered roof. The style of the car is modern and contemporary and is the compact SUV. It offers an exceptional standard of design, comfortable driving as well as compatibility. According to the state of art technologies, the car has an option of Terrain response which means no matter what the weather condition is, the car will provide efficient performance.


With its dynamic features, the car price is the lowest for car sports car lovers. However, the car is bit expensive. No matters, the Suzuki Swift price in Philippines is because you can buy used cars. The price is highly reasonable and you can take it as per your feasibility. These are highly wonderful cars that are up-to-date all the time. You can avail this facility 24/7.

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