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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress in 2018

WordPress developer Sydney
WordPress developer Sydney
In terms of web development, it is safe to say that the quotation ‘There are plenty of fishes in the sea’ can be changed into ‘There are plenty of CMS in the sea’

The question is, which CMS should one choose?

Short answer, we prefer WordPress and we will tell you why we prefer WordPress. Happy reading!

1. Largest CMS Market Share

WordPress dominates the world of CMS (content management system – which helps transport your content on the internet). Over a quarter of websites are powered by WordPress and the number continues to rise. Obviously, there is something about this platform which makes people want to join the WP community. 

WordPress developer Sydney recommends using WordPress for your websites.

2. Extremely Easy Interface

WordPress was made for people who are not very technical. As a result, both technical and non-technical people can easily use WordPress.

The CMS is self-explanatory in nature. With no big words involved, a task can be performed through a number of clicks and all your content will be shared, wherever you like.

3. Rich Plugin Repository

There are over 50,000 plugins in WP repository and most of them are free. All of these plugins give you an advantage, one way or another.

While some plugins may bring customer data to your browser, others will predict the keywords utilized by your opponent and how can you improve your website ranking through SEO tools.

These plugins extend the functionality to your website and WP can also accommodate plugins for additional functions.

4. Large Community

WP is the largest used CMS, all over the world and so it has a very large community of developers. Sometimes you want to perform a certain function and you find it difficult to do so.

Just ask around the members of WordPress community and your task will be fulfilled in no time. 

5. Takes Care of SEO

If you start using WordPress, you will have lesser worries to worry about SEO. SEO takes note of code efficiency and WP has been written using good coding practices which give you an edge of sight responsiveness and speed, ultimately favoring you in indexing of search engines.

6. Mobile Optimized

A lot of people surf the internet using smartphones and tablets. By using WordPress, you are already getting mobile platform as part of the package.

While you may need to perform hardcoding on some sites to make it achievable, rest assured that for most websites, it is a simple and straightforward process. You can contact WordPress developer Sydney to make your website standout from rest of your competition.

7. Efficient Ability to Handle Multimedia

WordPress can handle texts, animations, audios, images, and videos – Again, you don’t need any expertise when it comes to operating WP. Just click and upload multimedia content on your website.

WP also offers to embed – enabled websites which through which you can embed a link of Facebook status, Twitter tweets or YouTube videos – Just copy paste the link and the action is done.

To make your WordPress experience smoother, contact professional WordPress developer Sydney.

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