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Busting 5 Most Common Car Buying Myths

buying a new car
When buying a used car, people try to scare you. They try to tell you heinous myths about buying a second hand car. Some of them are so hilariously rubbish, you cannot help yourself but laugh. It’s not the fault of the people to tell you the myth. They themselves had they are brainwashed by their ancestors and friends and now they are propagating.

Surely you need to be careful when purchasing a used vehicle, but if you do your homework correctly, it should be pretty safe and save you some money. Here are some popular car myths about the risks of buying second hand.

Myth 1. A person sells a secondhand car only because it is faulty

This is not true. There is more to this than meets the eye. Sometimes a person has a pleasure-seeking approach towards life and wants to get a better-looking car.

He will buy a car, enjoy his maximum and when he feels that he is getting bored, he will sell it away. There will be no fault inside the car and the car will be cheaper than a brand new one. 

You cannot get a better deal than this.

Myth 2. Be wary of second-hand dealers when buying a car

With the advent of online markets, people try their best not to involve dealers in terms of car buying and selling. They question the possibility of giving their hard earned cash to the dealer in the form of commission.

While a dealer takes some amount from both parties to earn his livelihood, deals done through a dealer are much secure than deals without a dealer.

A dealer has a reputation to try to keep their clients so he will try to maximize your interest and satisfaction. He knows that today if he sent you home satisfied with the deal, tomorrow you will come again. The dealer can be your sincere adviser in terms of buying a new car. In saying that make sure you filter the information provided and read in between the lines. 

Myth 3. Don’t go for payment plans

Payment plans are advantageous in a sense that they do not feel heavy on a person’s pockets. With each monthly installment made by a person, the car comes a little closer to the person in terms of possession.

However, most people are against this practice. They say it is better to buy a car in cash value because you get charged less by saving on the interest rate. This is true but not everyone has money to pay for a car upfront.

If you have a stable job, it is wise to adopt a secure payment plan through which you will be able to finance your car and afford the monthly repayments.

Myth 4. Shopping at the end of the month or when it is raining

In both of these cases, it is difficult for a lot of people to go shopping, so people think that with the absence of people, dealers will have low sales and this could turn advantageous to their needs.

However, if everyone starts following this over the clichéd tip, by logic these days will have more people than an average day. The best time to buy is to wait for a promotion period and then take advantage of the price reductions.

Myth 5. Ordering a car with the extra feature is more expensive

That may be the case. However, dealers sometimes will have stock available on hand or showroom demo stock with full-fledged features. You may be able to get a better deal on these floor stock rather than waiting for a simpler version of the same car. There are several instances where the dealer may be eager to sell the floor stock fast, for example, the model on the showroom floor may be a previous year model or a model which will soon be updated. 

Check floor stock and dealer demo. What if you could let go of certain features inside the car and get a better deal? 

When buying a new car, this results in cost efficiency.

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