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Best Way to Prevent Identity Theft from Residential Junk

Identity Theft from Residential Junk
It is very common to hear about identity theft and people affected by it in all the adverse ways. Since the rate of identity theft has become so alarming, it is only so important to take the adequate precautions to protect yourself from the harm that can come as a consequence of identity theft.

What Is Identity Theft?

So what is identity theft? It is basically the misuse of your personal information and this only makes your increasingly vulnerable. Your personal information and confidential data can be misused and manipulated against you in the most unexpected ways. However, it can seriously land you in serious trouble in the long run.

Theft from Residential Junk

Did you know that the most common source of identity theft has been deduced to be residential junk? There are many junk disposal services that are running awareness campaigns these days to alert people about the harm and damage that can be inflicted by the leakage and theft of their personal information from residential junk.

Identity Theft from Garbage Has Become a Major Practice

As per a recent survey, the most common practice these days that leads to identity theft is searching the residential garbage and digging through the disposed of trash to track down confidential information. The thieves have a general knowledge that they will be able to locate trash such as receipts, shopping bills, mailing details and even personal statements of banks in the garbage. Every year approximately million tons of trash is disposed within the United States. This only indicates towards the high stats of identity theft that results from searching the residential trash and wastes. 

It Is Not Illegal to Search Trash in The US

The sad part is that you cannot consider searching trash for confidential information and papers illegal in the United States. As per the junk disposal services of the US it has clearly been stated that searching the residential or even commercial disposed of garbage is not illegal. How can you possibly imagine to stop people from searching piles of trash and dirt? There is no concept that privacy of any one particular person can be invaded by searching the trash. It is definitely a little absurd to imagine stopping someone to rummage through garbage. It is not illegal and therefore, you cannot stop anyone from doing so too. Therefore, taking precautionary measures on your own is advisable.

Best Way to Prevent Identity Theft from Trash

The best way to prevent identity theft from residential trash as per junk disposal services experts is to always trim and shred important and confidential papers before you dispose of them. A common practice for homeowners and people is to throw away their receipts, mail envelopes or even shopping bills without tearing the paper off. Experts reveal that the one small act that can greatly minimize all risks for identity theft is to shred all confidential pieces of papers before you throw them in the trash.

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