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Few Basic Factors to Know about On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization - Trends

Basic or foundation is considered as an essential thing before going to learn anything. So similar to other things, there are also some basics that you will at all times keep in mind for on page SEO. Meta tags, image optimization etc. are some of them.

This article will provide my readers with a few basic but most valuable things that a smart SEO professional should keep in mind while doing SEO for his site or his client’s website. Whenever you are going to hire SEO freelancer, you have to ask him regarding those factors during the interview.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags are an essential part of on page SEO. First of all, you have to add a meta description with every of your blog post. Make sure that the meta description you are going to add your blog post is fully unique at first and relevant. If possible, try to add your main or targeted keyword in your meta description but never do keyword stuffing. You have to add your main keyword in the meta description because the search engine will pick up the keyword from your description and it’s important for you to write a user – friendly meta description because the users will read your description first and then they will click on your post title. So you have to serve the needs of both. I hope you got my point.

Though Google really doesn’t care about meta keywords, but a few search engines like bing or yahoo still care it. So except Google, if you do care about those search engines also, then I will suggest you add meta keywords. You can add 2-3 meta keywords in the field. Some SEO freelancers still consider this matter as an important thing where some totally ignore it. So before going to hire SEO freelancer, ask him/her to provide you with their opinions regarding this matter.

Image Optimization:

Images assist a lot usually to get more traffics from search engines and SEO freelancers know it pretty well. If you are able to put the keywords in the title of the image as well as the alt text of the image, then you can get a huge benefit from the images. But keep one thing in your mind that, similar to content, images have the great ability to create engagement to the readers. That’s why I give it the most priority after the content. If you are seriously able to make beautiful images, then you will get more visitors and they will stick to your website or blog.

However, large images usually take much more time to load. Therefore, it’s better to avoid uploading large images to your website.

Word Count:

Keep in mind that if your blog post is not large or informative enough, then it will not perform well with the search engines like Google or Bing. Therefore, you have to try writing a long post within the range of 1800-2000 words. If your blog post is not longer enough, then the search engine will probably think that it is not informative and therefore, the users will never get any kind of benefit from your blog post. Not all the SEO freelancers also work as a writer. So it’s better to hire a writer or get content marketing services from reputed agency as well besides hiring SEO freelancer.

If you don’t have the budget for 1800-2000 words writing, then better to write at least 800 words. This is pretty standard. It’s for general information based content. For the home page, I think it’s better to write as long as you can. Insert images with proper title and alt text and videos to create more and more engagement.

If your targeted keyword is very competitive, then try to write something different. This could be the only way for which your website can place a good rank in Google or other search engines. You can also do analyze the post of others for the same keywords and you can follow their style or word count. But make sure that your competitor has a very good position. Otherwise, better to avoid following that type of competitor. Hope you got my point.

In general, the longer posts have the tendency to rank better in Google as well as other search engines.

Internal Links:

If you do have a blog post, then try to do internal links inside the post. One of the best examples of internal linking is Wikipedia. If you pay a visit to Wikipedia, then you will find that they have huge inter-linking between other of their pages.  It basically helps the visitors to stay for a long time and therefore decrease the bounce rate. Once you have low bounce rate, your site will go on top. Besides, internal linking will help to pass the SEO juice from one page to another and it also assists to pass the rank of the page to another page of your website or blog.

When you are going to perform the interlinking, it’s better to use your keyword as the anchor text. But don’t use the same keyword more than one time for the interlinking purpose. Also, it’s wise not to put unnecessary interlinking.

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