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Review of a Quality Shower Head with Bluetooth Speaker

Shower Head with Bluetooth Speaker

Before going to demonstrate you the review of a quality shower head with Bluetooth speaker, I would really want to drop few lines about shower head speaker. What is a shower head speaker? Do you really have any idea or knowledge about it?? Well, in general, a shower head with Bluetooth speaker will allow you to play music / songs from the mobile phone you have at the time of taking shower. The popularity of a shower head with Bluetooth speaker is getting increased day by day. People from different parts of the world are the biggest fan of this item and they are madly in search of it. Besides using your mobile phone, you can also use other different types of Bluetooth enabled devices in order to play music or songs. The most essential and vital fact about this shower head with Bluetooth speaker is, it is pretty much easy to set up. Therefore, you need not to take assistance from anyone. If you want to know more in details about the process of setting up a shower head with Bluetooth speaker, then I will definitely suggest you to take a look at the manual. Besides, the procedure is very intuitive.

For your kind information be informed that, majority of the shower heads with bluetooth speaker is consist of a huge battery life as well as is rechargeable. Even you will get around 5 -8 hours of playback without having any kind of trouble.

TUNES2GO KoolMAX Bluetooth Speaker:

The TUNES2GO KoolMAX Bluetooth Speaker is not completely waterproof. It is only water – resistant and may be enough for the requirements of a number of people. Instead of its waterproof feature, you will get drink storage and unique form factor in this device. Without a doubt, it can easily be said that this bluetooth speaker is simply superb and awesome to bring to a house party or a beach BBQ. Along with an FM radio, this bluetooth speaker has an amazing ability of boosting the maximum output power of three hundred and fifty watts. You will definitely find a couple of 2” high – performance tweeters and a couple of built – in 6.5” Hi – Fi water resistant speakers. The handle telescopes of this bluetooth speaker makes it extremely easy and simple to drag as well as steer this speaker around uneven terrain.

For your kind information be informed that, the price of this bluetooth speaker is US $363.05

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


1. The play time of this bluetooth speaker is sixteen hours.
2. It has the great ability of holding up to 28 beer bottles or 48 beer cans.
3. Ice can remain froze for up to 3 days.


1. Pretty bulky for a number of people. Therefore, most of the people try to avoid this item. People mainly look for a best bluetooth speaker with light weight so it must be easy to carry.
2. Not waterproof though water – resistant.

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