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Useful Information for Adoptive Parents in Florida

Child Adoption in Florida by Gift of Life Adoption

Adoption of the child is simply a great event for parents who really intended to adopt a child. Adoption is the legal procedure that provides parental rights to adoptive parents and the child who is going to be adopted by them. By the order of the court, the child becomes the member of the family other than his/her birth parents.

There is actually no denying the fact that adoption is a serious and vital matter. For this reason, child adoption law in Florida has already been created to protect the rights of the adoptee and adoptive parents. Adoption is just like real parental relationship, the only difference is not having a blood relation.

The State of Florida takes Adoption cases quite seriously. Because it is the matter of a child’s life. The court is going to provide some family to take care of some child’s. The court makes all types of possible investigations just before going to deal with these cases.

Steps Involved in Child Adoption Process & Procedure
Parents frequently asked about the child adoption procedure based on adoption law in Florida. Just because of this reason, this article has been written. By reading this article, you will be able to know the salient facts about adoption procedure in the Florida state. It is suggested to appoint a lawyer for adoption cases or get services from a professional child adoption agency. But hope these facts will at least provide a brief idea about the adoption procedure in Florida.

At a glance, there are four kinds of adoption in Florida which are as follows:

  • Adult Adoption.
  • Close Relative Adoption
  • Step Parent Adoption
  • Entity Adoption

Almost in each kind of the adoption, the court always asked about the proof of biological parent terminating his/her parental rights. Before going to permit a child into adoptive parent’s custody, the court demands the surrender of parental rights of real parent. Biological parents may sign the consent for the adoption. You will find an exception in the case of an unmarried biological father. Before the adoption, court connects with the real father. If the real father does not present himself, the court allows the adoption without his consent.

You will also find an exception to adult adoption as well. If any adult wanted to be adopted by adoptive parents, consent of the biological parents is not needed by the court.

The situation is quite different for kids younger than six months. Biological mother can’t sign the consent for adoption until the 44 hours of the birth of a child or her stay in the hospital. Whichever the case is earlier. Otherwise, the real father can sign the adoption papers. Another thing, if a child is younger than six months, the father has to sign a non-recoverable affidavit of non-paternity. If a child is older than six months, any one of the parents can sign the papers. In this circumstance, they will have the revocation period of three business days for taking their decision back.

The adoption case judgment time frame is different for all kinds of adoption. For instance, in the case of entity adoption, the time can take from one month to three months. While in other cases, adoption gets finalized quickly.

So these are some of the common instructions for adoption procedure in the Florida. The procedure is far more complex than it looks. Honestly speaking, prospective parents have to hire a lawyer or proceed through the agency. On their own, the parent will not be successful in adopting the baby. The court is another world. A common man cannot deal with courtroom without having a lawyer.

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