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Why Hand Held Vitamin C Shower Filter considered as best for healthy Bath?

April Shower Vitamin C Hand Held Showerhead

In this article, I will mainly introduce my readers with the top most popular vitamin c water filter or vitamin c shower filter known as “APRIL SHOWER VITAMIN C HAND – HELD SHOWER FILTER”. Just to inform you that, this vitamin c shower filter is quite famous over the whole world just because of having several exclusive features and advantages. However, first of all, I will discuss about the features of this vitamin  C water filter and after that we will go for its pros and cons. I am quite confirm that this article will fully assist you in understanding the reasons behind the popularity of this shower filter.

Well, let’s take a look at its features first.

Features of April Shower Vitamin C Hand Held Showerhead

Remove Chlorine & Reduces Harmful Elements from the Water:

The most essential and crucial fact about this shower filter is it quickly eradicates chlorine from the unfiltered water. You will also be glad to know that besides eliminating chlorine, this shower filter at the same time eliminates chloramine from the water. Both of these elements are extremely hazardous to our health. I am really not so sure whether you know it or not or whether you have any knowledge about it or not but often water can be full of chlorine and if you make use of that water for drinking or taking shower, then within a very short time, you will be attacked by a number of diseases which will really not that good for your health. Impact of chlorinated water on human health is serious and you can learn some real helpful information on how unknown hazards and chlorinated water in the shower can damage our health. So buying a vitamin c water filter or vitamin c shower filter can be the most appropriate key I think if you truly want to eliminate chlorine as well as chloramine from your water. Hope you understand what I want to mean actually.

Replenishes Vitamin C:

The most essential fact about this vitamin c water filter is it replenishes vitamin c in water perfectly and you know vitamin c is extremely necessary for developing healthier hair and skin. Most of us have some ideas at least about the advantages of vitamin C. So by purchasing this shower filter, you will not only be able to make your shower enjoyable, but also be able to keep yourself healthy at all times. In addition, it gives a soothing aromatherapy effect. You know natural aroma oils totally help to relieve your stress by relaxing the body and mind.

Generates Negative Ions:

This vitamin C water filter also produces negative ions. Just to inform you that, innovative spray plate hole generates up to 421,000 negative ions.


1. Conserves water as well as enhances the pressure of water.
2. Produces negative ions.
3. Gives a soothing aromatherapy effect.
4. It replenishes vitamin c.
5. This vitamin C shower filter eliminates chlorine and chloramine from the water.


1. A bit pricey. For this reason, a majority of people always try looking for other products with same features.

Lastly, for those who are badly searching for the quality vitamin c water filters or vitamin c shower filters, they can keep their eyes on this item. In order to know more in details about this item, kindly pay a visit to the site of “Shower Filter Store” or can read this review of this Vitamin C handheld shower head to find some more additional features and benefits about this product.

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