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Halo Wars - buy Steam Keys Online

Catapult to success

There is no stopping the rise of Sony's successful foray into console gaming, with its current flagship -- the PlayStation 4 -- compelling people to buy cheap CD keys left and right. Launched into the stratosphere by the original PlayStation, Sony upped the ante at the turn of the millennium by following it with the groundbreaking PlayStation 2 (PS2). The console would eventually hold the distinction as the best-selling console of all time. Its unparalleled success can both be attributed to its powerful hardware and the lack of real competition in the home video game console market at the time.

Both the Nintendo GameCube and Sega Dreamcast tried to mess up Sony's meteoric rise but ultimately fell flat. Enter Microsoft. The computer software giant never really seriously considered bringing its pedigree and vast financial and technological advantage to the video game industry until the original Xbox was released to also try to steal some thunder from Sony and sway people to buy cheap CD keys for a different console.

But it was only until the first-person shooter game Halo was released exclusively for the console that Microsoft managed to steal some thunder from Sony and made some noise of its own. Today, the Halo franchise needs no introduction due to its massive popularity and commercial success, breaking gaming sales records whenever a new installment is released. Microsoft can seemingly do no wrong with the franchise. They even released a game called Halo Wars, a spin-off that has a completely different gameplay. And of course it was met with positive reviews and got enough people to buy cheap CD keys for it to warrant a sequel.

Halo Wars - buy cheap game Keys Online

Worth to buy cheap CD keys for? Yes!

Halo Wars is a real-time strategy game (RTS) similar to the StarCraft franchise. The game setting is still set within the same universe of the main Halo games, so players will find familiar elements despite the change in aesthetics. Players will be able to build structures using resources, train units, and deploy them into battle to lay waste to opposing forces.

Although the military setting of the game gives way to an assortment of units, there is a generic rule applied to them that balances the gameplay. The system -- commonly referred to as a "rock-paper-scissors" system -- ensures that all units won't be overpowered and will have general weaknesses. The three categories are ground vehicles, infantry, and aircraft. Each of them lords over one and is weak to the other. Players must upgrade their technology in order to have access to more powerful units, similar to other RTS games.

Halo Wars 2 is a recently announced game that will presumably follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, at least gameplay-wise. Aside from an expected upgrade in the graphics department, Halo Wars 2 will no doubt add new units and wrinkles to the original gameplay to get players to buy cheap CD keys upon release. With the promise brought by the first game, it's safe to assume that Halo Wars 2 will also deliver.

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