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Xbox One Game Keys for Mortal Kombat X: Your Gateway to the Bloodiest Fighting Game

XBOX One Game Key for Mortal Combat

Out of the box

Fighting games were simple enough during the arcade days when Xbox One game keys were not around yet: pick a character, beat the crap out of the opponent, and then high-five anyone willing to slap hands. It's simple entertainment. As soon as the opponent's health bar reaches zero and you are declared as the winner, the only other confirmation you get for your triumph is your character's simple victory pose.

Well, Mortal Kombat completely changed post-match entertainment. Midway's flagship franchise back then looked just like any other fighting game where players simply pick predefined characters and then button-mash their way through the match. But as soon as they land their first heavy strike on the opponent, they know it's not an ordinary fighting game. The main theme of the game would be its eventual ticket to popularity and the source of subsequent Xbox One game keys for its latest installment: bloody violence.

The game's best example of its violent nature is during its victory sequence. After depleting the opponent's health bar to zero, the match does not automatically end with the winning character's victory pose. Instead, Mortal Kombat gives the player a small amount of time to execute a violent finishing move on the dizzy opponent before posing in triumph.

Throughout the years, the finishing moves have ranged from an extremely rapid combination of attacks until the opponent is shattered to bones, to shape-shifting into some kind of animal and do something violent, and to the fan-favorite "Fatality" where the character does something extremely violent to the opponent like completely removing the spine. It's not something for people with a weak stomach and it's definitely something people should consider first before buying Xbox One game keys for Mortal Kombat X.

Transform Xbox One game keys to the best Mortal Kombat experience

As is with other video games that are part of a long-running series, the first question that players spout whenever a new installment is released is, "what's different about it from previous installments?" It's a completely valid reason since newer installments are naturally compared to old ones.

In Mortal Kombat's long list of games, the most noticeable changes between every game is the character roster: new ones are added, while others are removed. The finishing moves for returning characters are also either expanded or overhauled. The changes between each game are significant enough that fans loyally buy each game.

But it would be unfair to keep repeating the same formula, no matter how proven it is, and expect fans to keep falling in line. So, with the latest installment, Mortal Kombat X bought with Xbox One game keys, the developers (now NetherRealm Studios) have added a new wrinkle that will surely keep the fans' experiences fresh: the ability for players to choose between different variations of each character. The variations are not only aesthetically, but also in their overall moves list. No character would feel the same with their different variations and it's like having a completely different character. This new feature is a welcome change that will keep fans of Mortal Kombat yearning for more.

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