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Things You Need to Bring for Getting Certified as a Taxi Driver

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This article is now going to provide you the things you need to have for getting certified as a taxi driver. Very unfortunately, most of the people especially the drivers don’t have any idea about it. You need to bring 5 things in total for getting certified as a taxi driver and all these five things are equally important. However, keep reading this article to know more.

  • First of all, you need to bring your driving license. Are you a driver? Are you a professional Driver?? Can you drive well??? Did you pass the driving test????  These are some of the common questions that will be asked by the passengers or sometimes traffic as well and bear in mind that your driving license will be the solid and powerful answer of those questions. So what you need to do is to keep your driving license all the time in your cab. It will help you to avoid unwanted situations created by the traffic mainly. You can also put a photocopy of your driving license at your cab so it will definitely help you in times of danger or when you are not finding the real driving license. Driving is really fun. Try to enjoy it as much as you can.
  • Having a social security card is also extremely important like the driving license. It consists of your name and address. So if anyone wants to verify you, then he / she can easily perform that with the help of your security card. In addition, security card will help you to avoid unwanted things created by the traffic police.
  • Driving record is quite essential like the previous two papers. It mainly shows your past history. Besides, it also indicates your quality like how good you are at driving or your years of experience something like that. Besides knowledge tests, the majority of cities will need you to fill out and then submit an application, create papers and go through history checks to make sure that you have the right to work, a clean driving record and no criminal background.
  • Drug test is an essential test before getting certified as a driver. You will never ever be able to drive if you strongly addicted in drug addiction. It actually doesn’t matter if you are a chain smoker or not (though smoking is also injurious to health); but you are not allowed to take drugs like L.D.S, Marijuana, Yaba etc.
  • Medical test is also an important factor before getting certified as a driver because it will help you to determine whether you are free from any kind of critical diseases or not. So hope I don’t need to clarify anymore regarding the importance of medical test. Each and every driver must need to do it in order to make sure that they are completely okay. 

So these are the things that you need to have and bring for getting certified as a taxi driver. All the papers are highly important and you know there is a correlation between them. So that’s all for today and thanks for reading this article.

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One more thing that each and every taxi driver should perform is to want to accurate fare from the passengers. I visited Paris last time and there I saw that each and every taxi in Paris consists of a fare chart. I talked the people in Paris regarding this matter and they told me that it’s the rule of that country. I was quite surprised to see something like this. In my country we often bargain with our drivers and try to negotiate the fare but in Paris the fare is totally fixed. No one has the right or power to change the taxi fare. So if you are planning to visit Paris for the first time, then you don’t need to worry about this matter. You even don’t need to ask anyone how much the fare of a taxi is for moving from one part to another or how much from Orly to Paris, how much from CDG to Paris or how much from Orly to Disneyland Paris, how much from the international airport to Paris or how much from cdg to orly. The thing you need to do is to see the fare chart and I hope you will get the answer of your question.

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