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Why Collectors looking for Antique Tractors for Sale

Collecting different things probably one of the favorite hobbies of many people and it ranges from the simplest to the grandest. However, the things that they are looking for collection are no the ordinary things but most people are interested in collecting rare pieces or antique materials. These things could be coins, postcards, jewels, stamps, stones painting and nowadays antique tractors. For the case of the old day tractors which are also known as yesterday’s tractors are not only attractive for their antique values, but also have some historical values, money values, and even reusability values.

Historical Values of Antique Tractors:

Tractors are believed to be the most important invention for agricultural industry as it brings a revolution for drastically reducing the hard work of the farmers, eliminates the using of animals in the farming field and increase production capability to the highest level. Since the time that these machines have been developed, most farmers and people related to farming industry relied on these antique tractors.

Antique Tractors

The first engine powered farm tractors were built in 1870’s and those antique tractors were used steam as fuel. The technology reached its new height the engine was upgraded in 1887 and used gasoline as its main fuel. It was considered as the most important invention as it later led to the invention of earl gasoline traction engine. In 1889, the first six antique tractors with gasoline traction engines were produced and these tractors are the beginning of long glorious history of modern tractors that continues till to date.

Since the invention of tractors with gasoline-fueled engine, many world class tractor manufacturer company came to the field to produce these machines during the beginning of 20th century. Ford Tractors, Ferguson, Allis Chalmers, Farmall, Massy-Ferguson are among the names that produced many antique tractors during that time and changed the whole scenario of agricultural industry all over the world.

Money Values of Antique Tractors:

During the first stage of tractor industry, manufacturers usually produce tractors only for farming industry and so tried to keep the price range within the reach of the farmers. Reference to historical data from various sources, million pieces of antique tractors had been sold within the price range of maximum five thousand US dollar. After the second world war many tractor manufacturing companies including Ford Tractors, Allis Chalmers, Ferguson and others were forced to increase the price due to respective Government impose tax and price hike of fuels. So, the yesterday tractor manufacturing companies had to invest more time and money to invent new type of engines that consume less fuels.

Ford Antique Tractors
Ford Tractor - Antique Piece

Although that time the antique tractors were sold almost free of cost if you compare to the current market price, but now those tractors achieve some greater antique values in terms of money. Luxury antique hunters are now even ready to pay more than hundred thousand dollars for such antique Ford tractors which were once sold only for three to five thousand dollars.

Reusability Values of Yesterdays Tractors:

It is obvious that old day tractors are now not a match with current need of farming industry and completely outdated compared with the modern-day technologically advanced tractors. But still many farmers and farm businessmen want to buy Ford antique tractors or John Deere old model tractors. Why? The reason is various. These yesterday tractors are much less complicated to operate, simple equipments are used that can be restored easily in case of any trouble and the availability of spare parts in the aftermarket. All these are reasons why the market for old day tractors are growing day by day.

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