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All about Skip Hire Service

Skip hire service is one of the important services people use to depend in their daily life. People hire this service for many different reasons in several occasions like when they need a spring clear out, ripping out a kitchen or bathroom or even planning for new extension or garden reorganize that create a huge quantity of wastage materials which need to clear out as soon as possible.

If you need a skip hire service, you’ll find a lot of service provider names online and with the blessing of internet, nowadays hiring a skip service contractor is not a complicated job. Almost every online base service provider has the facility of online service booking system. You only have to fill out an online form with the necessary information regarding your expected date of service, proper mailing address and location instruction, billing and credit card information and submit the form. Once you submit the form, the service provider’s dedicated customer service will reconfirm your order over phone and send your skip on due date.

Few important things you should know before availing skip hire service. For instance, types of services usually offered by the contractor company, types of wastages they use to carry, different size on skips available that suits your need, rules and regulations that need to follow while using the service etc.

Usually, skip hire service providers offer two different types of services. One is the service provider will send you a skip that you can keep at your possession until it fills with wastage. Once it filled, you have to give a 48-hour prior notice to the service provider to remove the skip away from your location. Hence, one thing you should keep in mind that, if you don’t have enough space at your property to keep the skip, you can place it on the public road or pavement. But, for that, you must have to get a prior permission from the local authority or council. The service provider can arrange the permission on behalf of you if you ask for it while placing the order. But, few councils or local authority have a strict requirement for obtaining such permission that the application must come from the person hiring the skip. In addition, you’ll also responsible for marking the skip with an appropriate warning light in case you’ve to place the skip on a public place. These warning lights can also be hired from the skip hire service provider company.

In other category of the service, Skip Hire Company will send you a skip along with a driver, wait until you load all you waste and then take it away for disposal. This kind of service is commonly known as ‘wait and load’ service. This service is especially beneficial for your purpose if all the wastage materials are ready for instant removal.
Now let’s get some helpful ideas about the types of wastage material you are allowed to remove by using a skip hire service. All most all kinds of wastage materials are allowed except few like televisions, computer monitors, fridges or freezers, full paint cans, gas canisters, food waste, tyres etc. You can ask a list of not allowed materials from the service provider while placing order.

It is important to have a preliminary idea about the available size of skips that can be provided by the skip hire company. Usually three different sizes of skips are offered by the service provider company. The smallest size of skip is known as Mini skip which can hold up t o 1.5 cubic meters of wastages. But, due to les requirement by the customers this size is not always available. The second size is little bit larger that is known as Midi skip and it can carry up to 3 cubic meter of wastages. And the most common size is 4.6 cubic meter that can carry as much as 55-60 bin bags and this skip service is popularly known as Builders Skip.

You can find a lot of service providers name through online search, but it would be difficult to find the right one at your locality. So, it’s a good idea to find a reliable local web directory first that only enlist transport service companies. By filtering your search, you can collect few good and reputed company names that provide skip hire services at your locality. Once you select two to three names, look for some neutral reviews over internet and that will help you to select the perfect skip removal service provider.

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